Glaucoma Is Estimated to Affect 27.8 Million People in Asia by 2040 with the Maximum Number of Patients Belonging to India and China

Macular degeneration generally affects the central retina and usually does not result in complete vision loss. Macula is important for fine vision and colour vision. It is an age-related eye condition that mostly occurs in people over the age of 50. There are two types of macular degeneration such as wet and dry. Dry macular degeneration is a condition that causes gradual vision loss, and wet macular degeneration can cause rapid vision loss and may lead to legal blindness. Glaucoma is a condition characterised by damage to the optic nerve, usually due to high intraocular pressure. There is no definite relationship between either of them.

Dr Sri Ganesh, the Chairman and Managing Director of Nethradhama Super Speciality Eye Hospital, stated “macular degeneration is one of the leading causes of visual loss. In India, data shows prevalence ranging from 1.2-4.7% in people above”. However, both Glaucoma and Macular degeneration are typically observed after the age of 50. The epidemiological studies in adults have shown a prevalence of 2.7% -4.3% among Indians. 

There is estimated data which shows Glaucoma will affect 27.8 million people in Asia by 2040 with the maximum patients being in India and China. Macular degeneration is one of the leading causes of visual loss all over the world. The data shows, In India, the prevalence was lowest in west India (1.4%) and highest in south India (3.1%). 

The treatment for dry age-related macular degeneration includes low visual aids to magnify objects and help the person see. For wet macular degeneration, injections are used to reduce the swelling of the retina and prevent bleeding vessels. Sometimes laser treatments are also being used. There are diagnostic tools including fundus photography, fluoresceine and indocyanine green angiography and optical coherence tomography which help to diagnose eye-related diseases including macular degeneration.  

Macular degeneration can be prevented by leading a healthy lifestyle and consuming nutritious food rich in antioxidants along with green leafy vegetables and fruits. Avoiding smoking and undertaking regular checkups help a great deal in the prevention of macular degeneration and other eye-related disorders. Consuming a nutrient-rich diet that includes leafy vegetables with essential vitamins like A, C, D, and minerals like zinc, zeaxanthin and lutein. Protect your eyes from UV exposure with proper sunglasses. Also, sufficient sleep for 7-8 hours is not only essential for overall well-being but also helps in eye health. 

Monitoring and controlling diabetes, hypertension and lipid profile and avoiding excessive alcohol and smoking helps to prevent eye-related diseases. Regular eye checkups are pivotal in identifying these disorders in their early stages, allowing for timely intervention to prevent the progression of these disorders.

Source : New Indian Express

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