Suman Pharma

We understand the importance of having access to reliable and convenient pharmacy services. Our pharmacists at Nethradhama are dedicated to helping you manage your medications and achieve the best possible outcomes for your eye health.

Suman Pharma at Nethradhama

Suman Pharma at Nethradhama

One-Stop Pharmacy

  • Located strategically within the OPD Block and Speciality Block of Nethradhama Super Speciality
  • Well-stocked pharmacy that caters to diverse medication needs, ensuring convenient access to the highest quality pharmaceuticals
  • Approved by our Pharmaco Therapeutic Committee, guaranteeing utmost safety and efficacy
  • All drugs are sourced exclusively from approved suppliers and manufacturers who hold WHO-GMP certification for their facilities
  • Our approved suppliers possess “non-conviction” certificates from the FDA

Pharmacy Timings


Monday to Saturday Sunday
8AM – 8PM 9AM – 1PM


Monday to Sunday
9AM – 5PM

Why Choose Nethradhama?

"Exceptional Doctors, Unparalleled Treatment"

At Nethradhama, we are committed to achieving optimal visual acuity for each and every patient. Our unwavering focus on accurate diagnosis, expert care and specialized consultation ensures comprehensive treatment for all eye diseases and disorders. With a holistic approach to eye health, we prioritize maintaining and enhancing vision without compromise. Trust in our team of highly skilled professionals to deliver advanced treatments and personalized care, giving you the confidence of almost 100% success in your treatment journey.

Our Value Added Services

Services at Suman Pharma

It is well stocked and caters to the need for a wide spectrum of ophthalmic drugs.

Services at Suman Opticals

Lenses for, Single & Bifocal Vision – Kryptoc, D- bifocal, Executive bifocal, Progressive.


Provides necessary tests for patient to ensure physical health status before eye surgery.

Fast delivery across India

Within 1 hour delivery of spectacles for standard lenses & Express delivery across India.

Coffee shop

Avail our coffee shop facilities while your spectacles are made.

Payment Modes

Our mode of payment include Cheques and Credit cards.

Our Partners

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