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Our fellowship program is designed to offer comprehensive clinical and academic exposure across various specialties in ophthalmology. Our primary objective is to train and enhance the skills of students, preparing them to become proficient surgeons and ethical ophthalmologists. We strive to instill a commitment to excellence in vision care as they embark on their professional journeys.


Post MS/MD/DNB ophthalmology or any equivalent degree recognized by MCI


6 seats every 6 months


24 months

Course fee & Stipend

Asper the NBE guidelines

Our Programs & Trainings

Teaching Program

Regular Seminars

OPD & Procedures

Workshops & Conferences

Surgical Training

Wet Labs

We have a fully functional wet lab with microscopes, Phaco machines, wax eyes, instruments etc. It is available 24x7 for improving the student’s surgical skills.


Cataract Surgeries

Fellow students are started on SICS hands on training in our camp OT. Students are trained under experienced surgeons for Cataract surgeries


Refractive Surgeries

Fellow students are trained for various refractive procedures- Surface ablation, Microkerotone LASIK, Femtosecond LASIK, SMILE surgery and Phacic IOL (dry labs) under experienced surgeons.

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The extensive clinical, surgical and academic exposure that Nethradhama provides empoweres fellows to build bright & promising careers.

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Hospital Postings

Rotational posting in General Ophthalmology, low-vison aid clinics, contact lens clinic and Phaco-refractive. Students are also trained to manage emergency cases.


Fellows are posted in screening camps as per the monthly schedule. We conduct 20-30 screening camps per month and have a state-of-the-art surgical facility where patients from screening camps are operated for cataract.

Night Duties

Fellows are posted for evening and night duties twice a week and are trained to manage emergency cases under expert guidance. Accomodation is provided for the duty doctors


Library For Students

The library facilities are available 24x7 containing all the latest books/journals.

Cutting Edge Equipment

All fellows have access to the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and get hands on experience.

Electronic Medical Records

We have a paperless system where all patient records are entered digitally with minimal clerical work


The in-house microbiology lab gives students a chance to understand the preparation of slides/culture media and diagnose infections.


Healthy and homelike meals are available inhouse canteen.

Inhouse Accommodation

External Accommodation

Our fellow students experience

Our fellow students experience

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