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Dr Suman Shree R, the Director and CEO of Nethradhama Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore, India, is a distinguished medical professional with a significant impact on the institution's success. As the head of quality, she played a pivotal role in establishing Nethradhama as a beacon of quality assurance in ophthalmic healthcare.

In addition to her role as CEO, Dr Suman serves as the Head of the Department (HOD) Anaesthesiology and is the NABH Accreditation Coordinator. Her leadership has been instrumental in Nethradhama becoming the first Eye Hospital in India to achieve NABH hospital standards accreditation. Under her guidance, patient safety is prioritised & assured by a skilled & progressive team of anaesthesiologists with advanced anaesthesia techniques and latest equipment’s.

Dr Suman's academic journey includes M.B.B.S., M.D., and D.N.B. in Anaesthesiology, with specialization in Neuro-anaesthesiology from National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS). Additional qualifications such as PGDHHM, PGDMLS, YIC, and PGDYTD highlight her commitment to continuous learning. Nethradhama’s Comprehensive Resuscitation Training centre provides CPR certification courses – COLS, BCLS, CCLS recognised by Indian Resuscitation Council Federation under her able leadership &mentorship.

Her dedication to healthcare standards is evident through her membership in the National Accreditation Committee for NABH and her involvement in professional societies like the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists and the Association of Indian Ophthalmic Anaesthesiologists (AIOA). Dr Suman has received numerous awards for her contributions to Hospital Quality Control and Clinical processes.

Beyond her professional commitments, Dr Suman Shree is actively engaged in initiatives related to Quality and Anaesthesia, contributing to crucial discussions in the medical community. Her holistic approach to life is reflected in her interests in Carnatic Vocal Music and Yoga. Dr Suman Shree truly embodies a commitment to excellence in both her professional and personal pursuits.

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