What are common Eyelid Problems?

  • Posted on: 9 November 2014
  • By: admin
Styes are common eyelid problems and are a type of "boil" involving an eyelash follicle. There is generally a tense swelling with redness and pain, until the abscess escapes. Application of local heat, using a compress can assist in easing the pain and bring the stye more quickly to a "head". Internal stye, tarsal cyst or chalazion is a chronic granuloma of the Meibomain gland of the eyelid. This manifests as a small hard spherical lump within the eyelid, often easily felt but not seen. Treatment varies, depending on the size and/or associated discomfort which may be caused by the swelling of the eyelid. Other common eyelid problems include blepharatis, which is a kind of "dandruff" of the eyelid margin. The eyelid margins are red-rimmed with flakes and scales among the eyelashes. Burning discomfort and itching comes and goes. Treatment involves cleansing of the eyelid margin, using sterile wipes or eye ointments.