Presby Lasik

Presby Lasik



Introducing for the first time in India the world's fastest and most precise laser for correction of refractive errors



Most people over the age of 40 years find it difficult to focus on nearby objects. They have to hold the reading material further away from their eyes or need brighter light to read. This condition is called Presbyopia and affects majority of the population after 40 years of age. Simple tasks like reading the newspaper, reading the time off your watch or looking at your mobile phone numbers become extremely difficult. This is a progressive condition and the loss of focus keeps on increasing with age. The only solution so far for this condition was to use reading glasses. Reading glasses may be cosmetically unacceptable to many and is inconvenient. Many people end up keeping multiple pairs of reading glasses at office, home and in the car. The new progressive glasses are cosmetically better but are expensive, andneedtobe changed every couple of years. Lasik laser is a proven and popular technology for correcting various refractive errors and has been in vogue for 20 years with millions of procedures being done worldwide. Anew Technology called Presby Lasik has been introduced at the Nethradhama Super Specialty Eye Hospital, Bangalore for correcting vision in people who are dependent on reading glasses. This German technology using bladefree lasik with the latest AMARIS 750S excimer laser is the first of its kind in India and Asia.

PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision


People who are in otherwise good health over the age of 40 years upto 60 years who are dependent on reading glasses. People with short sight, long sight and astigmatism along with reading glasses (Wearing bifocals or progressive glasses) Even patients who have undergone previous uncomplicated cataract surgery with intraocular lens implant, who are wearing glasses for distance and near vision are eligible.


The procedure itself is a simple out-patienttreatment, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes for both eyes. An initial screening of the corneal thickness and topography is important to ensure eligibility and optimal results. The procedure is done under topical anaesthesia drops (no injections are given). It is basically a painless procedure in which a thin flap ofthe cornea is lifted using a femtosecond laser. Then with a special customized software called presbymax, the AMARIS 750S laser, which is the fastest laser in the world, makes the correction on the cornea in 1015 seconds. The flap is put back and sticks like Velcro and does not require any stitches or bandage. The patient is discharged in half an hour

The best outlook for your eyes


The procedure is in practice from 4 years in Europe and trials conducted in Germany and Spain show excellent outcomes with 98% of patients being fully corrected for distance and near vision. The procedure is CE approved. The AMARIS 750S is a 750Hz excimer laser with advanced 6 dimensional tracking at 1050Hz. This is the fastest and most accurate laser in the world for correction of different types of refractive errors including Presbyopia.


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