International Applicants

Foreign Resident Medical Associates

Nethradhama is one amongst the few hospitals in India to provide the best of ophthalmic treatment and surgical facilities. The Hospital has the entire necessary infrastructure and expertise to perform Refractive surgeries and other sophisticated ophthalmic procedures.

In order to bridge the gap between international patients and Nethradhama, we invite eligible persons to act as our Foreign Resident Medical Associates

The requirements and expectations from an Associate would be

  • The Associate has to have a MoU with Nethradhama Hospitals Private Limited.
  • The Associate has to submit attested copies of all relevant certificates which may include their medical and surgical qualifications as approved by the state medical council and Indian Medical Council.
  • The Associate should inform 24 hours well in advance regarding the date and time of surgery to the surgical coordinator for better planning of the surgery.
  • The Surgery package includes Pre-operative orbital scan.
  • The associate is advised to take pre surgical consent from the patient. All the medical records and relevant reports will be the responsibility of the Associate. The patient has to be informed about the benefits, risks and alternatives of the procedure and that the hospital is absolved from any surgical complications.
  • The Associate has to submit their PAN number for necessary records.
  • The Associate has to pay the material and equipment charges before the surgery.
  • The Associate has to use the Equipment in a careful manner so as not to cause any damage intentionally or not, & avoid loss to property, manpower etc., of the hospital.

The following conditions will be fulfilled by the Hospital

  • The hospital provides the infrastructure & Facility for the Associate.
  • The Associate may use standardized post-operative Instructions and Medicines given by the Hospital.
  • In the event of postponement or cancellation of surgery or breakdown of the equipment, the hospital is liable for refunding the machine charges only.