About School Of Optometry

Nethradhama School of Optometry

According to the WORLD COUNCIL OF OPTOMETRY “Optometry is a health care profession that is autonomous, educated and regulated (licensed/registered), and optometrists are the primary healthcare practitioners of the eye and visual system who provide comprehensive eye and vision care, which includes refraction and dispensing, detection/diagnosis and management of ocular problems, and the rehabilitation of conditions of the visual system.”

Dr. Sri Ganesh an eminent ophthalmologist started the Nethradhama Subspeciality Clinic in 1994, which by his shear perseverance in few years was converted into Nethradhama Super Specialitiy Eye Hospital with many branch in and around Bangalore. In India there is a shortage of competent optometrists; Dr. Sri Ganesh realizing this laid the foundation of Nethradhama School of Optometry in 2010. In keeping with the WORLD COUNCIL OF OPTOMETRY Nethradhama School of Optometry offers bachelors in optomtery to educate and clinically train students in the art and science of optometry. It also offers a clinical fellowship in optometry for optometrist to enhance their knowledge.

Career Options after completion of Optometry

  • Independent Practice as an Optometrist
  • Start own specialty clinic like contact lenses, Computer vision, Orthoptics.
  • Start an optical establishment/ store for scientific dispensing of visual aids.
  • Start manufacturing unit to make ophthalmic lenses/ spectacle lenses
  • Job opportunities with multinational eye care companies like Bausch & Lomb, Essilor, Zeiss, Ciba Vision, AMO, etc.
  • Avail overseas job opportunities.
  • For those interested in higher studies, post graduation in the form of fellowships as well as Masters and PhD programs are available in India & overseas.
  • Take up teaching as a career option
  • Take jobs with corporate & private hospitals, NGOs.
  • Administrative Career after MBA in Ophthalmic Practice